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As long as we are in this world, O Nanak, we should listen something, say something ||

Author Guidelines

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Sanvad is peer reviewed journal of Punjabi with ISSN No, 2395-1273 and regularly published Bi-Annually since 2015, publishing high-quality and original research. The Aims & Scope of the journal are promotion of research on Punjabi Literature, Literary Criticism Punjabi Language and Punjabi Folklore & Culture.

Before submitting a manuscript to Sanvad Journal, the authors should note following points carefully:

  1. Short-form citations are provided in footnotes, while reference section at the end of the manuscript contains complete bibliographic information of the works cited. Articles published in Sanvad are typically 5,000–10,000 words. The manuscript should have following sections: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, and References.
  2. The journal accepts both electronic and manuscript paper submissions. Send electronic submissions (preferably Word files in any Punjabi Font) as email attachments to sanvadpunjabi@gmail.com and manuscript paper submissions in triplicate to Sanvad, PG Department of Punjabi Studies, Khalsa College Amritsar-143002 (Punjab) India. Please remove identifying features from your manuscript file and include a 100–150 word abstract with your submission. Note that Sanvad publishes Research Papers only in Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script).
  3. Author should be careful regarding grammatical and typological errors.
  4. The submitted Research Paper should not have published anywhere in the form of a magazine, book, journal, conference proceeding or any other form of publication.
  5. The manuscript submitted to the journal should be based on original work only.
  6. The Journal serves zero plagiarism policy.
  7. All the authors of the research paper should agree for the publication of the paper and there should not be any dispute about the proposed content or material of the manuscript with any person and among the authors.
  8. The Editors and Reviewers of the Journal are fully authorized to give the rejection, modification, and acceptance of the manuscript to the author, based on the quality of the research paper or proposed work.
  9. The submitted Research Paper should not be harmful for any other researcher, person or for the society. The authors/author's views are their own in their articles. The Editor/ Editorial Board is not responsible for them.

Copyright Options

Copyright allows you to protect your original material and stop others from using your work without your permission. SANVAD follows the open access policy in principle.


The authors' views are their own in their articles. The Editor/ Editorial Board is not responsible for them. All disputes concerning the Journal shall be settled in Amritsar Jurisdiction only.

Open Access

This journal gives authors and readers the option to publish open access via our website www.sanvad.org.